2017 Coolest Bathroom Trends

bathroom trends

Considering updating a bathroom? Make the space exceptionally appealing, functional, and inviting with a few of the current bathroom trends. Design sensibilities are shifting in the direction of natural, organic, and simple – with an added dash of elegance. Achieving the right balance requires attention to the smallest details, as well as the broad strokes in colors, flooring, and fixtures.

The Colors of Life

No matter the size of the room, a simple design and lighter color choices create an area that appears more spacious and inviting. Bathroom color trends are a subtle, natural palette mimicking the stone, wood, water, metals, and sand, for an overall atmosphere of serenity. The colors can enhance the appearance of stone or tile used in shower treatments or natural wood in flooring, or as wall design elements.

Trending Bathroom Designs — Wood

trending bathroom designs
Designers have begun to create fixtures from natural materials – including wooden basins and tubs. It is important that any wooden fixture is installed carefully and correctly to avoid the risk of damage to the wood surface, and to prevent water seeping into the fixture due to minor nicks — sealing correctly is of ultimate importance. Wood can also be used to create a more organic appeal when added to walls, floor sections, or countertops. Reclaimed wood products can add interest, color, and a textural element that is particularly pleasing.

Bathroom Decorating Trends – Stone and Tile

Stone counters, floors, and showers bring the subtle colors of nature into the room, as well as outstanding durability. Slate tiles are growing in popularity in current bathroom design trends, as they offer pleasant, natural variations in color that can be enhanced with custom fixtures. Shapes reflecting nature, such as hexagonal stones or tiles create a visual experience whether used in flooring, as an accent, or on shower walls. The geometric shapes create the illusion of space, perfect for smaller bathrooms, and stunning when used in larger areas. Marble flooring can add dimension and color variations that are truly unique to the room, with the seam colors then picked up by the addition of custom fixtures.
Bathroom Trends

Space, Space, Space

A clean, uncluttered, and highly-functional design creates a more spacious feel to any bathroom, and 2017 looks to be the year when naturalistic elements take center stage. Clean lines and fixtures that are highly-functional while exceptionally pleasing in shape and color make it possible to design a room that has the feel of a sanctuary.

Vintage Plus Modern – Contemporary Bathroom Design

Adding vintage pieces or tiles along with organic elements in wood or color creates an eclectic, very contemporary design. Small tiles gained popularity in the craftsman era when bathroom spaces were smaller, and simple designs could be created in black and white to add interest and the illusion of space. Borders or mosaic designs were common, and add a vintage look to a modern bathroom design.
Bathroom Trends

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