A Drain Cleaning Product You Will Absolutely Love

Do you dread taking a shower or using the faucet to wash your hands because you don’t know when your drains will back up yet again? Having to call for drain cleaning on a regular basis is not only frustrating, it can also be very costly. However, the professionals with Ben Franklin Plumbing Bay Area have a product, BioBen, that can eliminate your drain problems for good.

How it Works

BioBen contains microorganisms and natural ingredients that can help you maintain your drains and keep them clog-free. The microorganisms in this drain cleaning product eat away at buildup inside your pipes immediately after being poured down the drain.  By unleashing natural bacteria to feed on oil, grease and other materials, BioBen will keep your system clean and flowing freely.

Safe to Use

You won’t ever need to rely on toxic drain cleaning products ever again. In fact, once you use BioBen you’ll be able to throw them out for good. BioBen has the same ingredients used by nature to break down dead animal and plant matter. It works to biodegrade grease, liquefying it to the point where it easily moves through your plumbing. It does this not only to grease, but also to clog-causing items such as human hair, human waste and bits of food. Other cleaners use harsh chemicals that dissolve buildup. However, these only provide a temporary fix and can eventually cause a great deal of damage to your pipes.

BioBen is only available through Ben Franklin Plumbing. So give us a call at 415-821-4357 or contact us online to learn more.