An Unusual Plumbing Repair Issue

Basic plumbing repair encompasses a lot of services, including fixing leaking pipes and insulating pipes for cold weather. However, as any Novato plumber can likely tell you, removing clogs and obstructions from pipes is by far the most common repair. Ben Franklin Bay Area plumbers perform any plumbing repair that your home may need, including removing clogs that range from mundane to unlikely.

The Snake in the Toilet

A bathroom in a San Antonio, Texas Starbucks was home to a very unusual plumbing problem. When a customer stopped in after order his coffee, he was shocked to see a snake crawling around the toilet bowl. The customer fetched an employee, and the two watched in surprise as the snake slithered around the bowl and then disappeared down the drain.

The customer’s wife, who managed to snap a picture before the snake disappeared, guessed that the creature was about two feet long, a half inch in diameter, and yellowish-brown in color. A snake expert said that it was most likely a non-poisonous rat snake, a common species in the San Antonio area. It is likely that the snake swam up through the pipes, and then left the same way.

Though the snake was not caught, it has yet to return to the Starbucks bathroom, and the store has issued a statement claiming that the restaurant is safe.

Repairing Plumbing Clogs in Your Home

While you will probably never need to seal with a snake in your toilet, Ben Franklin Bay Area plumbers can provide any necessary plumbing repair for any common plumbing issues your home needs. Call them today at 415-821-4357.

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