Bathroom Plumbing Design Guide

bathroom design guide

Over a lifetime, people spend almost 2 ½ years in the bathroom. It makes sense that the bathroom should reflect a high standard of planning and design as it is – let’s face it – the room that underscores the aesthetics of the entire home and reveals your personal taste.

Yes, kitchen upgrades do wonders to the heart of the home and adding a porch or patio improves the outdoor space, but the bathroom is a personal space and a place where we seem to most intuitively appreciate the finer things in life. Fortunately, there are many ways to go beyond boring porcelain and express your aesthetics. A redesigned bathroom can be a rejuvenating experience as well as a physical asset that greatly improves the value of your home.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has a well-earned reputation in the San Francisco Bay Area not only for fast, accurate and affordable plumbing repair and rescue but also as leaders in bathroom remodeling and authorities on the best in modern fixture design.

Your Bathroom Size and Shape

Your upgrade choices for your bathroom is influenced by how the space is configured. Some of the nicest master bathrooms may not be the largest, but they use the space creatively. You may require compact tub sizes and a bathroom toilet layout that economizes on space. This doesn’t mean it can’t look modern or elegant or expansive. Intelligent planning can make even a smaller space attractive and more functional.

When you call on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we will thoroughly examine your bathroom, take measurements and discuss your upgrade goals and choices available to you. Do you want to continue the design other rooms into the bathroom? Do you want all bathrooms to follow the same design theme or will each reflect a unique style?

Bathroom Function

Is this your private en suite master bathroom? Or is this the high traffic family junction that hosts two or three generations of family members, plus guests? Is this your only bathroom? Homeowners will sometimes test the bathroom plumbing design waters by first upgrading a downstairs guest bathroom that includes only a sink and toilet. Other times, it is the private master bathroom that is upgraded for comfort, a sense of luxury, better use of space and to enhance everyday life experience.

Whatever your desires are, we can match your upgrade to the specific use of your bathroom.

How Much Should You Spend On Your Bathroom Upgrade?

Obviously, how much to spend on a bathroom upgrade depends upon so many variables and personal tastes that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Even with a modest upgrade to a smaller bathroom, you may get as much as 66% of your investment back when you sell your house. Even if you don’t intend to sell your home in the near future, increases in your house appraised value increases home equity.

An outdated bathroom that is easily remodeled within the parameters of the space is typically the least expensive. Renovations that include structural changes, new plumbing and electrical upgrades will cost more, even before new fixtures are selected. However, the more extensive the renovations, the more structural integrity added to the bathroom, the longer the upgrade will withstand the wear and tear of use and will retain its value and appearance.

Some of the factors that affect costs:

  • Does your bathroom have existing plumbing problems that must be addressed?
  • Do you plan on altering the structure of the room? Do you need a new layout and more room?
  • How old is the existing plumbing? What condition is it in?
  • How old is your house? What condition is it in structurally?
  • Do you need copper re-piping?
  • Are you replacing the sink(s), toilet and tub?
  • Do the changes require a contractor as well as a plumber?
  • Are you remodeling to sell the house?

Functional Luxury

Some of the most transformative plumbing upgrades you can make to your bathroom include:

  • Adding a new tub with Jacuzzi jets or a steam shower
  • Adding a double sink
  • Adding high end fixtures and new technology such as sensors and hands free options
  • Creating a smaller water-use footprint.

Your Bathroom Plumbing Design

Your bathroom plumbing system ties all the fixtures and pipes together into a water delivery and removal operation. This design actually comprises two systems: supplying fresh water and eliminating waste water. Even if your renovation only includes a new high quality toilet, both systems are involved.

Your design must consider the age of the bathroom and the existing condition of the plumbing. It makes no sense to install a new toilet over a waste line that is has underlying plumbing system problems that will lead to future problems, such as leaks or clogs.

Because so much of the plumbing is hidden, it is vital to hire a plumber with good reputation for problem-free results. Bargain plumbers with incredibly cheap rates often leave behind the walls and under the floors shoddy work that does not hold up over time. The whole idea of an upgrade is to increase the strength and efficiency of your existing bathroom while improving its design and overall aesthetics.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbers can help you with the most vital aspect of your design decisions: determining the state of your current bathroom and what upgrade choices will reflect your personal taste in design, function, or concerns about water usage.

Upgrade Fixtures

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a premier source for modern luxury fixtures that can fit most design plans and budgets. We are much more than just the best plumbing repair resource. We are bathroom design and trends consultants that back up our choices with quality plumbing work to bring your vision into reality.

  • New faucets have evolved efficiency to prevent leaks, resist aging and come in an enormous range of styles to fit every design.
  • We can recommend a full range of toilets by price that include low-flow and dual flush options.
  • They have diversified widely in cost, artistry and materials.

Tubs and Showers. Whether you want a freestanding tub, a walk-in tub, stand alone shower or tub and shower combo, we can guide you through all your options tailored specifically to the size and dimensions of your bathroom.