Why Trust a Professional for Drain Cleaning?

Reaching for a toilet plunger is a natural and practical reaction when a fixture, pipe, or drain becomes clogged in your home’s plumbing system. If the plunger doesn’t do the trick after a few tries, however, you may want to think twice about taking further action on your own.

Unless performed by a quality attempts to clean your drains can actually make matters worse. It can even cause permanent damage to your home’s plumbing system. To protect your property as well as the health of your family, it’s best to leavein the hands of the expert plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area.

DIY Dangers

Chemical drain cleaners are advertized as user-friendly solutions for clogged drains, but their ingredients are far from benign. The primary ingredients of most drain cleaners are sulfuric acid and lye, substances that are not only deadly if swallowed but that can cause skin burns on contact and respiratory damage if inhaled.

Most drain cleaner products work by generating heat within your pipes and drains to clear clogs, which can soften PVC pipes and corrode metal piping.

Drain power augers presents their own dangers as well. Unless inserted with the proper degree of force, drain augers can permanently damage pipes, seals, and fixtures.

Superior Professional Service

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, our drain cleaning services are not just for plumbing emergencies caused by clogs, obstructions, and slow-moving drains. Using in-line video camera inspections, we can evaluate the current condition of your drains and perform preventative maintenance to help avert the need for emergency later. We achieve these stellar results using a pipe-friendly hydro jetting and cleaners containing natural micro-organisms. Our Aqua Bright Pipe Rejuvenation service is guaranteed to keep your plumbing free of stoppages for over five years.

With years of experience serving home and business in your community, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area provides drain and pipe cleaning services that you can depend upon to get the job done without damaging your plumbing system or your property. To schedule professional plumbing services that you can trust will be safe and effective, call us today.