How to Choose Plumbing Fixtures to Your Décor Style

The phrase “plumbing and décor” might not seem to belong together, but if you have never investigated the ways that plumbing fixtures can support or elevate the look you want for your home, you might be surprised.

Decorative Plumbing Pipe

As you may have noticed, it’s become increasingly common for restaurants and even business offices to incorporate exposed air ducts and other elements of their building systems into the interior design. Plumbing pipe can also be a part of your design template, and it can be utilized in more ways than one.

  • Highlight the system itself – Do you have a pedestal sink with an exposed pipe? Paint it a vibrant color (use an oil-based paint), or replace it with a shining stainless steel or copper pipe. If the exposed pipe has joints, you could consider starting from that point with a curved piece of pipe and creating a “sculpture” beneath the sink or, if you have pipe there, on the wall.
    Use pipe to make accessories – The bathroom accessories that can be made from pipe are as varied as the types of pipe you can use to make them, from PVC or steel to copper. Constructing a towel rack or toilet paper holder out of plumbing pipe can add personality to your bathroom, and it’s a project that is fun to try.
  • You can also build an attractive frame for a wall shelf out of plumbing pipe, with a look ranging from industrial to elegant, depending on the type of pipe you choose. If you want to take it a step further, a little online shopping will enable you to discover imaginative light fixtures made from plumbing pipe. If you’re lucky enough to have a sculptor (or a welder) as a friend of member of your family, you could add a pipe-inspired piece just for decoration.

Décor Plumbing

The range of choices that are available to you in sinks, tubs, fixtures, cabinets, lighting, storage and other bathroom elements is truly staggering. Some considerations that can help you begin to choose among them:

  • Are you attempting to maintain a consistent style throughout your home? Whether you own a 60s ranch-style home or a bungalow from the 20s, is it your goal to preserve as much of the original look and feel as possible? With a little work, you will be able to do this, either by purchasing new elements in that style, visiting antique dealers or estate sales, or looking online.
  • Do you want your fixtures to disappear, fulfilling their function without attracting attention? Or do you want to look for ways that your sink, or even a faucet handle, can make a statement? Fixtures and sinks range from the futuristic to the fantastic, with everything in between. The Kub Basin, designed by an Italian architect, go so far as to provide a fully functioning sink so ethereal that it looks more like an optical illusion than a bathroom fixture.
  • Are you tech-obsessed? Want a touchless bathroom faucet? How about voice-controlled lighting or a shower that you can stop and start with your voice, or ask to provide water at a specific temperature? If you want to go all out, you can have a toilet that you’ll never have to touch that can greet you, stream music, dry itself, warm your feet and seat and provide “mood lighting.” Although you may not want to make this particular investment (about $6,500), if you are integrating wireless systems in other parts of your home, there are an increasing number of smart options for your bathroom.

Remember, you don’t necessarily need an unlimited budget to access the huge range of exciting options for a bathroom upgrade. The professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area keep their eyes on the latest trends and technologies. We’d be happy to help you create a space that truly exceeds your expectations.