How to Check Your Home for Slab Leaks

A slab leak can be devastating to your home if it goes undetected for too long. These pesky leaks are undeniably one of the most serious and complicated plumbing problems a homeowner may ever have to deal with because of where the leak is located. Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area, we can quickly locate any slab leak and come up with a plan of action to make repairs without damaging your walls and floors. If you are interested in inspecting your own home to look for signs that slab leak repair is needed, here are some tips from our plumbing experts. Here are tips on how to detect slab leaks:

Start by Inspecting the Lower Edge of the Slab

Based on the laws of physics, water will flow to the lowest point when a slab is on an hill or an incline. Identifying a leak for slabs on an incline can be easier because the water will pool at the lowest edge of the slab. If you notice the water pooling, we recommend that you schedule leak detection as soon as possible.

Look for Signs that the Slab is Settling

You might not think that water can do all that much damage to a concrete slab, but a pool of water can cause significant damage when the concrete starts to settle into the uneven soil. No matter how strong the concrete is, when the soil underneath begins to shift and settle, the slab will crack and buckle. You can see some of the signs of settling in your walls and floors if settling has already begun. If you start noticing cracks in your walls and these cracks are growing, the problem is more than likely your foundation. Call an experienced Bay Area plumber as soon as possible to schedule leak repair and to prevent even more serious structural problems.

Know the red flags to look for, and take time to inspect the edges of your slab on a routine basis to identify problems early on. If you suspect there is a problem, or you would like our experienced plumbers to use advanced pressure testing techniques to detect a leak, call our Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area specialists today at 415-459-3266 and schedule an appointment.

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