Is it Safe to Pour Grease Down the Drain?


If you like to cook, you may notice you sometimes encounter leftover fats and oil. It’s so tempting to simply get rid of this fat and oil by conveniently pouring it down the kitchen sink – but before you do, STOP!

This is something you definitely don’t want to do.

Why Can’t You Pour Grease Down the Drain?

Your home’s piping will suffer the effects of hardened fat and grease, which will eventually block the pipe entirely. Though it may seem like your garbage disposal blades could break the grease and oil down, they actually can’t. The blades actually become less effective when they’re smothered in these sticky substances.

So if you’re asking the question, can you pour grease down the drain? The answer is a strong NO!

But wait, you ask, can you pour grease down the drain with hot water? Unfortunately, the answer is still no. The hot water will temporarily heat it up – but when the grease, fat or oil cools, it will still harden and create a nasty blockage.

And that’s certainly no fun for you or for your home’s plumbing.

How to Properly Dispose of Grease

But here’s some good news: your pots and pans don’t have to eternally wear the grease, fat and oil left over from cooking.
When you’re done cooking, simply allow the grease to cool and harden. You can leave it in the pan you cooked with, or you can transfer the grease into another container so it can cool – totally up to you.

Once the grease has completely cooled in the pan, scrape as much as you can out and throw it right into the trash can. You can then use a paper towel to thoroughly wipe down the pan.

You don’t want to rinse and wash the pan without doing this first, as excess grease can still go down the drain.

And if you don’t feel like wiping and all that, transfer the grease/fat/oil to another container after cooking and place the container in the fridge or freezer. Once it hardens, you can simply throw the whole block away.

Already Poured it down the Drain? Don’t Worry – Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area Can Help!

If it’s too late and you or someone cooking in your kitchen already poured the fat/oil/grease down the drain, don’t worry – our team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area is happy to come to the rescue.

Our team of experienced plumbers has seen it all. From bacon grease to clogged pipes to many more plumbing issues, we have the knowledge and tools to clear out your kitchen’s pipes to prevent the oil/fat/grease from hardening and causing damage.

Simply give us a call and we’ll send someone right over to help you out. And if we’re late for our designated appointment, we’ll pay you $5 for every minute over (up to $300). Not only do we value your home’s plumbing – we value your time. That’s why we’re committed to being on time and responsible with every single customer.

So the next time someone cooks you a delicious breakfast and asks you – “can you pour bacon grease down the drain?” – remember that the answer is no!