Is Your Home Protected with the Ben Franklin Maintenance Program?

As a homeowner in the Bay Area, you rely on your plumbing system to bring in fresh water for all of your drinking, cooking, cleaning, and hygiene needs; to carry away waste water; and to bring in natural gas for use in your major appliances. All of these plumbing needs require a properly maintained plumbing system. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area, we offer a Home Protection Club for your plumbing maintenance needs.

Lower Costs

By joining our maintenance club, you will receive a discount of 10-15% on all of the plumbing services you need for your home. During normal business hours, you will never have to pay a diagnostic fee when we visit your home to troubleshoot a plumbing issue.

Priority Service

As a member of our program, you will benefit from priority service. We take care of all calls from our Home Protection Club members before servicing non-members’ plumbing needs.

Improved Safety

Our maintenance club includes a free annual maintenance and inspection visit. This allows us to detect plumbing problems and areas of potential concern before a serious health and safety hazard develops. Our experienced plumbers and service technicians will inspect your electrical, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning systems.

Greater Resale Value

Should you decide to sell your home, your maintenance membership is transferable to the new owner of your house. This could result in a faster sale and better price for your home. Or, you may choose to port your plumbing club membership to your new residence within the Bay Area.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area, we offer our home plumbing maintenance club so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of an optimally working plumbing system at an affordable price. By bringing to you the best in class Bay Area plumbers, we hope to ensure your comfort for many years to come. To enroll in our Home Protection Club, call us today at 415-459-3266.

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