Kitchen Touchless Technologies

touch free kitchen

Motion-activated faucets and soap dispensers have been fairly common in public restrooms for years, but those same touchless technologies are now making their way into private homes, including residential kitchens. In addition to looking sleek and elegant, touchless kitchen technologies also make cleanup a breeze by minimizing unsightly water spots and hindering the spread of bacteria between kitchen surfaces. The next time you remodel your kitchen, consider going touchless for a more modern, clean, and hygienic kitchen environment.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets

By far the most popular of the touchless technologies available for private residential kitchens, the touchless kitchen faucet eliminates the need to physically manipulate a handle to turn the water on or off. Using highly sophisticated motion sensing technology, a simple wave of a hand or object in from of the faucet is all that is needed to control the flow of water. Hands full of dishes or vegetables? No need to awkwardly maneuver them into oqne hand so you can control the faucet. Just wave a hand, elbow, pot, or pan in front of the motion sensor and the touchless kitchen sink will respond.

Another innovation to kitchen sinks that has made private kitchens more hygienic and convenient is the kitchen touch faucet. These touch faucets can be described as a step between the traditional kitchen faucet controlled manually and the completely touch-free models that use motion activation technology. Kitchen touch faucets allow you to start or stop the flow of water by touching anywhere on the faucet. Because only a simple touch is required, rather than the dexterity needed to manipulate a handle, it is far easier to activate these faucets when hands are full or dirty.

Touchless Kitchen Garbage Systems

In addition to kitchen sink faucets that require little or no physical contact to operate, touchless kitchen garbage cans are making residential kitchens easier, cleaner, and more hygienic. Lidless garbage cans stored in the open are the easiest to access, but create an unpleasant environment. Many homeowners opt for trash receptacles that are tucked away in cabinets or pullout drawers as a way of keeping garbage out of sight and minimizing the spread of odors. These systems are unwieldy, difficult to operate with full hands, and require hand contact with at least one surface, making it easy for germs to spread between different members of the household.

The latest innovation making garbage storage easy and convenient is the touchless kitchen garbage can. These systems come equipped with lids that utilize motion sensors to automatically open and close. They provide all the benefits of a lidded or stowed-away garbage system – keeping contents out of sight and limiting the proliferation of unpleasant odors – without the physical contact necessary to open or shut the lid. Instead, simply wave a hand or hold a piece of garbage up to the motion sensor, and the lid will open automatically, allowing you to deposit your trash before closing again. Particularly in kitchens where raw meat is regularly handled, or children regularly pass through, touchless technologies can go a long way towards limiting the spread of germs.