Luxury Shower Heads

When it comes time to renovate your bathroom, installing a luxury shower head is by far the greatest single thing you can do to upgrade your shower experience. From variable pressure to LED lighting, there are countless options to enhance your showering experience. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite modern shower heads below.

Ceiling Shower Heads for a Luxurious Showering Experience

Ceiling mount shower heads, also known as rainfall shower heads, are currently perhaps the most popular luxury shower heads on the market. Traditional wall mount shower heads must direct the flow of water at an angle to evenly shower your body, and taller people often spend a lot of time trying in vain to position the head and body at just the right angle for an enjoyable showering experience. Ceiling shower heads eliminate the need for these adjustments by being positioned directly over the person, and are typically much wider than traditional shower heads for a broader area of spray. The experience of showering under one of these has been likened to a relaxing rain shower for a luxurious spa-like experience.

Flush Mount Shower Heads

Tired of cleaning water spots and hard mineral deposits off your shower head? Many plumbing fixtures are now available in spot-resistant finishes, but another option is to go with a flush mount shower head that is installed into the wall so no external fixture is necessary. Not only does this make keeping the shower clean much easier; it also lends the bathroom a sleek, modern look. Many ceiling shower heads are now flush mounted, with the water entering from holes directly in the shower ceiling.

High-Tech Modern Shower Fixtures

Luxury shower heads are also available with high-tech upgrades like LED lighting that changes color in response to changing water temperature, or Bluetooth enabled shower heads that let you enjoy your favorite music right there in the shower. Adjustable water pressure and multiple spray options allow you to customize your shower experience to anything from a deep, invigorating cleanse to a gentle, calming flow. Air injected shower heads allow for greater pressure control while minimizing water usage.

Standard shower heads have a water flow rate of 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute), but many modern shower fixtures allow for a much lower flow rate without compromising the quality of the shower experience. Some shower heads use as little as 1.75 gpm, with air injection and smart water dispersal technology making up for lost pressure to ensure a satisfying experience. Choosing a water smart shower head allows you to enjoy a guilt-free longer shower, and keeps your water bill lower.

Picking the Right Luxury Shower Head

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, nothing is more important than your personal preferences. You’re the one that going to be spending the most time in your bathroom, particularly when you shower, so take the time to ask yourself what’s most important to you. Are you looking for an elegant, modern look, or is an easy-to-clean bathroom more of a priority for you? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a modern luxury shower head that will be perfect for you.