Most Innovative Kitchen Sinks

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Most Innovative Kitchen Sinks

The kitchen sink is one of the most often overlooked areas for renovation or a bold new design. Most of us have a picture in our head of a simple, rectangular sink – perhaps with two basins – that is used for washing dishes and is utterly unremarkable. When sprucing up a kitchen, go to areas of improvement include counters, cabinets, and stovetops, but don’t overlook your upgrading your kitchen sink when it comes time to remodel.

The countless innovative kitchen sinks available today can conserve water, are more functionally convenient, and just plain look cool.

Motion Sensing Faucets for Water Conservation

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We’ve all seen motion activated faucets in public restrooms, but have you ever considered installing one in your kitchen? Most models include a handle for manual operation in addition to the motion-activated feature. A motion-activated kitchen sink can be a great option for kids who may have trouble reaching the handle, or for some forgetful family members may be prone wandering off with the faucet running, or continually running water when performing a task in the kitchen.

Along the same lines as motion activated faucets are faucets that can be activated by a touch on any point of the spout. This is a convenient option for people who have their hands full or dirty – just tap the spout with a wrist or forearm to start the flow of water. This technique makes the sink easier to use, and creates a more hygienic kitchen environment. By not having to touch a handle to wash your hands after handling raw meats or eggs, you stop bacteria in its tracks, leading to a happier, healthier home.

Innovative Shapes for a Truly Unique Sink

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As more and more homeowners take remodeling as an opportunity to express their individuality, one of the current trends in kitchen sinks is to shape the sink in the outline of an object or symbol – a wine glass, for example, or an electric guitar. Others convert a kitchen island into a landscape with a sink that flows along its length like a river. These long, curving sinks can also be filled with ice to form a classy, built-in beverage cooler for parties.

You’ve probably seen a kitchen sink with two basins and a single faucet that can swivel between them, but have you ever seen this concept put into 360-degree action? These new kitchen sinks are set in a circular island with the faucet located in the center. In a complete circle around the faucet are basins of different sizes and depths, sometimes with various cutting boards that can be attached and removed for added convenience.

Picking a Material and Color

Who says you have to have a boring solid white kitchen sink, or even stainless steel? Many homeowners are choosing to give their kitchen a contemporary feel with a brightly colored sink that functions as an accent piece. Modern décor is all about adding a splash of color, so why not go for a teal or bright yellow sink? A solid glass sink that contains another element to add color is another way to make a bold statement with your sink. Transparent glass that highlights gold or other beautiful metals gives the kitchen a luxurious feel.

Old-fashioned, sturdy models are also making a comeback, with deep, thick soapstone sinks experiencing a recent surge in popularity. Concrete is versatile material that can be molded into just about any shape, including delicate accents on the trim, and a copper sink is tough, elegant, and beautiful.

Don’t be afraid to branch out when your remodel your kitchen or design one for your new home – give these innovative kitchen sink ideas a try!