Why You Need a Professional Plumber for Your Remodel

Every home will eventually need a remodel. Your tastes change, and so do styles. You may have changed the style or color palette of your furnishings and want your kitchen and bathrooms to match. Your kitchen or bathroom fixtures may be worn, and you want to upgrade. Whatever the reason, once you’ve decided to do a bathroom or kitchen remodel, consult with our team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing before you settle on a renovation plan.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is widely regarded in the Bay Area as the leader in bathroom and kitchen designs and trends and is a trusted source finding aesthetic, functional and affordable fixtures that fit your vision for your home. Whether you are designing from photos or getting help from an interior designer, our team can help ensure you’re your home is a source of pride and brings you happiness.

A Professional Plumber Can Help You Plan Your Remodel

While you might be thinking about cabinet styles, color palettes or tile backsplash patterns, it’s your plumbing system that’s at the heart of your renovation. If you are planning a major remodel and you want to work the plumbing around your design, you need a plumbing pro, even more, to provide an accurate estimate of the hidden cost of your design: the plumbing revisions necessary to make the design work.

A Professional Plumber Can Broaden Your Vision

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has close ties to the plumbing fixtures business, with access to cutting edge styles and technology at reasonable prices. You may have seen the styles you love in local home improvement stores or home décor magazines. Our range of knowledge as to what is available is broader, but more importantly, we know what will work for your budget and your plumbing system. Because we work with industry leaders in kitchen and bathroom appliances, we may be able to open the door for you on a range of options that are far better for your home and budget.

“No Surprise” Remodels

Plumbing repair often accompanies kitchen and bathroom remodeling. When you replace a tub or a sink/cabinet combination, hidden issues can reveal themselves: dry rot, rusted pipes, leaking joints or situations that will lead to problems soon. Ben Franklin plumbers are trained to spot these issues and handle them.

Actually, in your initial inspection and consultation, Ben Franklin will assess any needed repairs that should be done while during your upgrade. When your remodel is complete, you can simply enjoy your newly restyled and upgraded kitchen or bathroom. Our inspections commonly include:

  • A leak inspection
  • Water heater inspection
  • Condition of pipes your system
  • Sewer line inspection
  • Inspection of existing plumbing for garbage disposal, dishwasher, sinks, showers, and tubs

If your plumbing system has a weak link, it must be resolved. Who needs a new plumbing problem right after a beautiful renovation? Getting your plumbing up to specification during or before a remodel makes good economic sense. Why go through the time and expense to upgrade your home without addressing the plumbing issues?

New Fixtures Installed Correctly

You’ve spent a lot of time selecting just the right bathroom sink and toilet or tub you’ve wanted since you first bought your house. Our professional plumbers know what it takes to smoothly and efficiently connect new fixtures to your plumbing system. We understand that no home is perfect. Floors may be a slightly off level, or a water line or drain line may not be functioning correctly. They’ve seen it all. We know how to make a secure connection that enhances the fixture functionality without compromise. We take your kitchen or bathroom remodel to a perfect fit.

For example, if you want to add a sink to an island in your kitchen. The drain will need to installed and correctly vented. To accomplish the task properly requires unique joints and connections that, although very reliable, take time and skill to put in place. Our pro plumbing team not only knows what is needed by looking over your design but will provide an accurate estimate.

Professional Plumbers Know How to Work with other Installation Workers

Time and again, Benjamin Franklin has assisted homeowners in installing new fixtures to match a design plan. Without experienced guidance, the fixtures may be incorrectly installed, leading to space issues. Since it is up to the plumber to make the final connections, we can help ensure correct adjustments are made. Everything should fit perfectly – and we can help.

A Summary of Benefits for Ben Franklin Professional Plumbing Remodels

  • Assists in the accurate costing for the project, including many hidden costs not factored into the budget.
  • Can mentor on styles, designs, and feasibility of high tech, modern appliances that will work for your remodel without significant plumbing system changes.
  • Has performed many remodels – even in your neighborhood – and knows what works well.
  • Knows the most sustainable ways you can get your remodel done and decrease your energy needs at the same time.
  • Can ensure your entire plumbing system is up to speed so you can enjoy your new bathroom or kitchen. No one wants problems after a remodel!
  • Our Benjamin Franklin plumber has the tools on hand to fix any issue and will do the job within the agreed-upon timeframe.
  • We can help you get the best price on modern fixtures. It’s like having a friend in the plumbing fixtures business.
  • We carry full workers compensation and liability insurance. You are protected.
  • Our work is 100% guaranteed. We have the highest standards. If any work fails in the first year, we make it right at no additional cost to you.
  • Our prices are straightforward and completely transparent, with no hidden fees.
  • Our reviews are spectacular. Not only do we get the job done right the first time, but we take the time to answer questions and point out things you can easily do to ensure your plumbing system remains optimized.