Smart WiFi Automation Apps that Control Your Home

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Flooding is one of the worst of all home disasters. Beyond damage to costly items such as furniture, flooring, and personal possessions, when flooding is extensive, even the walls and foundation can be heavily damaged.

Smart WiFi home automation apps make remote detection of plumbing problems and flooding a reality, saving you and your family from potential disaster.

Types of Apps

There are essentially three types of water monitoring apps:

  • Those that monitor and detect leaks
  • Those that stop leaks
  • Those that monitor water usage

Smart WiFi Leak Detectors

These are generally comprised of sensors that can detect leaks, based upon where the unit is placed. Corroded fixtures in bathrooms and laundry rooms, appliances, and corroded water heaters are common sources of plumbing leaks, and may not be checked regularly, if at all. The slow drip stage may go unnoticed – but is a sign that something may be very wrong.

Burst pipes, whether due to older plumbing systems, are one of the most common disasters affecting a home. The impact of flooding can irreparably damage flooring, foundation, carpet, furniture, and walls if not identified and resolved quickly. The sensors in smart WiFi remote leak detectors alert you when your system has developed a leak.

Smart WiFi Water Shut-off Apps

These systems not only detect water through their sensors but will shut off the main water valve in as little as five seconds, an advanced feature that adds a much higher level of protection for your home.


Leak detection and valve shut-off are just two of the functions available. The more advanced smart home WiFi control apps also allow you program water turn-on and shut-off at specific times or manage your water system while you are on vacation. You can gain the ability to turn the water on and off at specific times of the day for irrigation, all managed from your smartphone or other digital device – no matter where you are.

Putting It All Together

Regardless of functionality, most (but not all) apps need to be connected to a smart-home hub. For the ultimate in remote home management no matter where you are, including security monitoring, lights, entertainment, appliances, water use, and plumbing, it is all possible with integrated smart home systems.

Smart Home Automated Plumbing

We at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge of the latest trends and plumbing technologies, and customer care. Call us, and we can guide you through the process of choosing the most effective apps to keep your property safe from a plumbing disaster.

The current trend in new construction is to add hubs and smart devices into the structure of the home. Some say the home is quickly becoming the Internet of Everything. If you are considering new construction or extensive renovations, we advise you to discuss this with your architect or designer, and we can work in liaison with them to plan the most advanced plumbing systems and fixtures to function seamlessly with your other home systems.