Sump Pump Keeps Running On and Off

sump pump running constantly

Is your sump pump running constantly? If you’re curious why that happens and how you can fix it, you’ve come to the right place.

Sump pumps generally run in intervals, as needed. But sometimes they run continuously, increasing electricity costs and causing them to wear out much faster than they should.

As with all types of mechanical devices, minor malfunctions happen. By doing regular inspections to ensure all parts are working properly, you can avoid bigger, unexpected issues down the road.

Here are a few reasons why sump pumps keep running:

• The float switch gets stuck in the “on” position – the sump pump should turn on when the water rises in the sump pump pit and pushes the float switch towards the top. But it sometimes gets stuck when the switch gets jammed.

• The float switch becomes pinned to the edge of the liner – if this happens, the switch can’t do its job properly.

• The sump pump’s check valve may not be working properly – if the check valve is malfunctioning, the water it normally discharges will wash back into the basin. This causes your sump pump to continue working hard and may burn up the engine or cause flooding.

• Your sump pump or your liner isn’t the right size – your sump pump could be running continuously if it’s too small for the application you’re applying it to. In some cases, the pump itself is the right size, but the liner isn’t big enough. If this is the case, the pump gets rid of water at a faster pace than the liner is filling it.

Solution to Try if Your Sump Pump Runs Continuously

If your sump pump won’t shut off, try this to fix the float switch:

1. First, open your sump pump.
2. Check to see if the float switch is pinned against the liner.
3. If it’s pinned, untangle it so it can easily move with the water level.
4. If you find that it’s not tangled when you open the sump pump and it can in fact move freely, it most likely needs to be replaced.
5. If it needs to be replaced, purchase one at a hardware store or online.
sump pump running constantly
6. Unplug the old switch and remove it. Replace it with the new switch.
7. Using a plastic tie (or any other tie that’s rot-resistant) tether the new switch to the sump pump. This ensures it can float up and down with the water level.

For any of the other issues mentioned above, it’s important to call a professional plumbing service to properly inspect and perform any required repairs your sump pump may need.

With decades of proven expertise and customer satisfaction guarantees, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area is happy to help if your sump pump won’t stop running.

We’ll always perform a thorough inspection first, and then we’ll provide you with a written estimate before beginning any work to ensure it fits within your budget. Once you give us the green light, we’ll get moving to get your sump pump back in shape.

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