The Most Innovative Bathroom Sinks

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Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling the bathroom, or just looking to replace an old and worn out faucet, the bathroom sink is an area where innovation and creative design opportunities are plentiful. Current trends range from sleek and modern, to classy and understated, to organic forms that reflect the forms found in nature. Many of the most innovative bathroom sinks and faucets can increase water efficiency and improve user experience, in addition to revitalizing and updating the appearance of the bathroom.

Smart Sinks: The Bathroom Faucets of the Future

Interactive, “smart” technology has worked its way from our phones into our homes and household appliances. Refrigerator doors with touchscreens and thermostats controlled through your smartphone, once futuristic fantasies, are rapidly becoming commonplace. Now the trend is reaching our bathrooms, with some innovative bathrooms featuring faucets and sink that are controlled with smart technology. From attachable fixtures that can be added to existing faucet systems to integrated faucets, these smart sinks typically include display screens that show the temperature as well as the amount of water being used, to encourage conservation.


Some will even allow you to set a preferred temperature, and then won’t start running the water until the desired temperature has been reached. In addition to saving water, this also serves the purpose of reducing the risk of scalding to young children. Still other smart sinks use color-changing LED lights on a spectrum from red to blue to indicate how hot or cold the water is.

Bathroom Innovations to Reduce Germs

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Touchless bathroom sinks that are motion activated have been commonplace in public restrooms for some time, but similar models are just starting to find their way into private residences. In addition to saving water by ensuring the water only runs when one’s hands are positioned directly below the faucet, this handsfree design also helps to inhibit the growth and spread of germs. With fewer points of contact for grubby fingers to touch, you can keep your family healthier.

You’ve probably heard of stainless finishes for bathroom sink fixtures that resist water spots and mineral build up, but did you know that you can also buy fixtures with an antimicrobial finish that inhibits bacterial growth? These finishes help reduce the prevalence of dangerous microbes, and make your life easier by requiring less frequent cleaning.

Getting Back to Nature with Aesthetic Design

water efficient fixtures

When it comes to innovative bathroom ideas, not all of the latest trends have to do with function – some are purely about the visual appeal. Currently popular are bathroom sinks that incorporate an element of natural appearance, often with stone and/or wood. Sinks can be made from one or more slabs of stone, or a collection of pebbles suspended in a resin for a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. Wood must be properly sealed to last in a high-humidity environment like a bathroom, but when done correctly, a wooden sink can provide a uniquely natural, modern look.

Beyond the materials used, bathroom sinks are also getting back to nature through their design, with sinks available that turn your water flow into a river or cascading waterfall. Sinks the shape of spiraled shells create a mesmerizing effect as the water flows through, as do sinks that imitate the form of natural rock formations, making it feel as though your water use is carving it out through erosion.

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