Things You Didn’t Know About Your Water

What is in your tap water?

Most homeowners are unaware that their plain tap water can contain harmful chemicals. Although city water standards might meet stringent regulations, this does not always account for instances of groundwater contamination, inferior or damaged household plumbing, or other factors that can affect drinking water quality.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area knows about the specific problems associated with the quality of drinking water and has the expertise to install a water filtration system that can eliminate unwanted minerals and hazardous chemicals. But understanding what your tap water might contain is the first line of defense in understanding and correcting the problem. Here is  what is in your tap water:

The Chemicals in Your Water

Chlorine is a water additive that kills bacteria in drinking water and swimming pools. It is designed to discourage the growth of algae, but isn’t designed to be consumed on a regular basis. In fact, it tends to dry out the hair and skin, which requires the extra expense of skin lotions and creams.

Lead is especially dangerous in household drinking water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that excessive amounts of lead in the human body can cause damage to the kidneys, brain, red blood cells, and general nervous system. Lead from tap water can be the result of a resident’s plumbing installation, especially if the pipes are made from copper and lead. When the metal pipe material deteriorates, it releases fine particles of lead that can be ingested.

Filtered tap water is the only way to keep lead out of the water supply.

Pesticides contain toxic chemicals designed to kill insect pests that damage crops and gardens. With heavy rains and leaching, pesticides enter the groundwater that is picked up by municipal pumping stations and routed to your household water supply.

The long term effects of continuous exposure to pesticide contamination in the water can produce various illnesses or lasting health problems.

Benzene is a chemical that found to contain carcinogenic properties that disrupt and kill human cells in the body. It is often used in gasoline as an additive to boost its octane levels. It is also a byproduct of cigarette smoke. Proper filtration removes this harmful chemical.

Other Chemicals
Other harmful chemicals that can seep into the public water supply include cadmium, mercury, and arsenic—all classified as heavy metals. The problem with these particles, however, is that they can invade a water supply and virtually go undetected. Serious exposure can cause nervous system damage, cancer, and death in extreme cases.

Protect Your Home & Health

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The time to install a water purifying filtration system is now. Putting it off could lead to needless exposure, expense, and worry. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area, a professional and licensed Concord plumber, has the expertise, technicians, and equipment to clean up your water supply and keep it permanently safe.

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