Unique Bathroom Tile Designs

Unique Bathroom Tile DesignsTile Design - Unique

The options in tile continue to evolve, and unique bathroom tiles are a growing trend in bathroom designs. Tile can be used to create a vintage feel, or make a small room appear more spacious. Designers now have a wide range of bathroom tile design ideas that can be implemented to create a harmonious blend and a stunning look that is truly contemporary.

Bathroom Designs: Tile Flooring

Tile Design - Wood Style

The options for tile flooring range from vintage to the naturalistic look of stone. For those who appreciate the simplicity and style of the Craftsman era, hexagon tiles are back, creating a mosaic effect that is pleasing, easy to care for, and harkens back to a simpler time. Wood-look tile looks authentic, but provides better water protection than natural wood. It has the variations in hue that makes wood so appealing to the eye.

Masonry, Metallics, and Marble

Vintage looks that mimic the artful masonry of the early 20th century can add interest in backsplash treatments. Metallics in gun metal grey or pewter in tile treatments can be stunning when paired with flat black custom fixtures, or the purest white as a contrast. Marble tiles can bring striations of color that mesh beautifully with other natural elements in wood.

Bathroom Remodeling: Creating a Contemporary Space

Tile Design - Modern

Your bathroom design must be aligned with your personal taste. The current design trend that blends the old with the new can be enhanced with bathroom tile design ideas now on the market. Vintage tile treatments on floors, counters, or backsplash add interest and appeal, and are particularly stunning with border designs or classic Craftsman mosaic designs inlayed throughout. The Bay Area has had a resurgence in artful tile installation, and a careful search will reveal a skilled professional to create the tile floor, shower, wall treatment, or other design element you envision.

Shower Tile Ideas and Designs

Tile Design Contemporary Showers

Each designer or homeowner has specific concepts about the type of shower that should be installed when updating a bathroom, as well as the size, type of fixtures, and tiling. With a wide range of options in tile to choose from, you have the ability to create a truly unique space that has all the functionality you want. When installing a new shower, or any new fixtures, you want to ensure that everything is completed to perfection – and that it matches what you envisioned. Call Ben Franklin Plumbing in San Francisco to protect your investment.

Whether you are renovating a vintage Bay Area home and want to restore as closely as possible to the original condition, or want to create a more contemporary style, with clean lines and subtle natural colors, our professionals respect the materials and your home. Professionally installed plumbing will protect your investment in your new bathroom by ensuring the fixtures work as intended, without leaks or other issues.

Let Your Imagination Guide You

The Bay Area is one of the planet’s most unique areas, and the people that live in San Francisco and the other surrounding communities are known for their artistic approach to design and to life generally. In bathroom design, tile plays a big role. Let your imagination guide you, and create a space that is perfect for you in every way.