What Causes Low Water Pressure in the Shower?

low pressure shower

When faced with sudden low water pressure in the shower, most people prefer to have their plumbing problems handled by a professional. An experienced plumber can quickly diagnose the problem and fix it with a minimum of time and materials. As many people know, trying to fix plumbing problems yourself can absorb a lot of time and often leads to an unreliable result.

Shower low water pressure can be caused by many things ranging from blocked shower heads or accidentally turned shut-off valves to the more serious causes like blocked pipes or a leak somewhere in the line. Low water pressure can also be due to more than one problem.

Troubleshooting Points

Here are some things you can investigate to check off easily corrected problems. If you cannot easily find the cause, you should realize that many of the reasons for low water pressure in the shower are best left to a professional plumber.

  • Do all the water outlets in your home have the same low pressure? If so, call us. It is likely the solution is going to require an experienced plumber to resolve. Ben Franklin Plumbing services the San Francisco area and our team of plumbers are ready and equipped to resolve your emergencies quickly.
  • Only your shower has low pressure? In most cases this indicates a fixture specific problem. If the faucet water has good pressure, but not the shower head, the shower head is likely clogged. If your shower head is old, it may be time to replace it. Our plumbers can show you a range of modern, aesthetic shower heads that are not only well built, but also enhance your showering experience while also economizing on water.
  • Only hot water faucet has low pressure? The most common reason for this is a malfunctioning hot water heater. We recommend that you do not try and fix your hot water heater yourself as it can involve safety risks. Call us.
  • It may be an overall problem. But this doesn’t necessarily mean a big expense or a lot of work.
    • Your water shut off valve lever or the lever on your Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) may have been moved. A skilled plumber will know if the PRV can be adjusted or if it is time to replace it.
    • The shut-off valve at the water meter may have been turned slightly.
  • None of the above? You may have a water leak or mineral build up in your water lines. At this point you should call us for an ASAP consultation. Water leaks can quickly worsen and damage surrounding areas. Leaks can also make your water bill to skyrocket.

Low water pressure can often develop when your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room includes old or outdated plumbing or fixtures; however, there are many lines and appliances and fixtures that make up your plumbing system and our plumbers have the know-how to quickly spot the actual problem. At the same time, a Ben Franklin Plumber can also show you a variety of aesthetic upgrades you might want that will fix the problem while improving the appearance and function of your home shower.