What’s That Terrible Smell?

Problems with the sewer line in your home will not disappear on their own. Whether you have a broken line or tree roots are invading the pipes, the problem will only grow worse. It may start as showers that drain slow or commodes that tend to back up, but at some point you will start to notice a horrible smell. It’s important to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area for emergency service if you start to notice that dangerous smell.

Know the Warning Signs

It can take a while for the gas to start drifting into your home, but before that, it’s likely that a sewer line break will give you some warning signs. The first is poor drainage from sinks and showers throughout the home.

Another warning sign is gurgling noise that you hear near one drain when another one is used. This indicates that water and gas is building up in the line and that you should promptly call a Bay Area plumber immediately. We will help you avoid the dangers of raw sewage or gas coming back into your home.

Finally, take a walk around in the yard above your sewer lines. If the grass is constantly soggy or there’s a bad smell that comes and goes, you may have raw sewage seeping into the ground and keeping it wet.

The Dangers of a Sewer Line Break

There are several dangers associated with a broken sewer line. Your drains could back up, which causes a real mess. But the real concern is that raw sewage could come back through clogged lines, flooding the house and contaminating it with dangerous bacteria.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area for help at the first sign of sewer line problems. We can send out an experienced plumber immediately after your call to provide you with quality pipe repair. Our repairs protect your property from damage and your family from the bacteria and awful smell associated with raw sewage.

Call us today at 415-459-3266 for immediate, 24/7 emergency service. We’ll always be here for you when you need us.