Why You Need Our Home Protection Plan

you need our home protection plan

Most American homeowners operate on a consistent level of income that does not vary greatly, month to month and year to year. When you subtract the ever-growing list of expenses that must be covered regularly, including credit debt, it’s not surprising to realize that sudden, costly and unplanned for expenses can throw family finances into a painful crunch.

One of a family’s largest expenses is the upkeep of a house and the monthly mortgage payment and property taxes that must be paid each year. A house is an asset that generally appreciates in value over time and creates equity, but there is a hidden cost that is often overlooked until the bill comes due: the maintenance of your plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has serviced the San Francisco Bay Area for many years and we’ve encountered many kinds of plumbing emergencies. The majority of them could have been avoided with regular, low-cost maintenance.

It is one thing to tolerate a hissing toilet and do nothing about it because it isn’t harming anything and quite another when the underlying leak bursts the tank and ruins a floor and ceiling and compromises the structure of the house. That kind of extensive damage repair (plumbing, electrical, etc.) will take a big bite out of a family budget.

Smart money is on protecting your largest investment and not letting underlying maintenance issues build up. What if you never brought your car in for maintenance checks and oil changes? What if you never rotated your tires or replaced them when the tread wore down? What if your “maintenance plan” was to see a mechanic when your engine started smoking or a tire blew out?  Chances are you’d be looking a major repairs or even having to commit to the expense of a new car. Few people are that careless and to some degree, many people treat their house that way.

This is why Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the San Francisco Bay Area has created a maintenance program for homeowners that can be affordably tucked into your existing budget and keeps your plumbing system functioning at its peak efficiency while saving you money. We call it your Home Protection Club.

We know what it takes to properly maintain the critical components of a house, so our Home Protection Club goes much further than most other maintenance programs. We’ve teamed up with highly regarded electrical specialist, Mr. Sparky Electric and diamond-rated Bigham’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to create a powerful asset for your home maintenance – and peace of mind.

The Home Protection Club Benefits

We’ve designed this club to be worth more and cost less than what you would expect to pay over the years for repairs for plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling that were not professionally maintained. Although the Home Protection Club is good insurance that your major home systems will receive expert care, this is not an insurance program. You receive regular maintenance checkups just like you do for your body and your car. Our members routinely enjoy longer periods of problem-free home operations and greater savings on necessary repairs.

Members receive valuable benefits:

  • Priority service over non-members. Seasonal issues can sometimes create a higher scheduling demands that jam the phone lines. Home Protection Club Members are treated as VIPs and move to the top of the scheduling list.
  • Members save money on repairs. You will receive an automatic 10% to 15% discount on any and all repairs made.
  • Free diagnostic fees when performed during normal business hours.
  • Your Home Protection Club membership is a transferable asset you can take with you if you move within our service area or you can keep it with the house and transfer it to the new owner.
  • Free annual safety inspection of your plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems performed by qualified and experienced technicians.
  • Increased safety and lifespan on critical (and expensive!) plumbing, electrical and A/C systems. You can rest assured that your systems are monitored regularly to avoid surprises and ensure you are getting the most out of them.
  • Proper servicing keeps your manufacturers’ warrantees in force.

What Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Covers

  • Annual professional precision tune-up and and inspection of your water heater including flush.
  • Thorough plumbing inspection including checking for small leaks and up to 200 other checklist items.

What Mister Sparky Electric Covers

  • Complete professional service and inspection of your electrical system annually. This is an exhaustive 37-point service that can extend the life of your electrical panel and decrease the risk of safety hazards and sudden breakdowns.
  • Comprehensive report and recommendations.

What One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Covers

  • Complete annual safety inspection and tune-up of your heating and A/C units.
  • This 54-point preventative maintenance helps keep your systems running at peak efficiency and lowest energy costs.

Overall Benefits

  • Prompt guaranteed service. You aren’t paying for delays, so we get there on time. Waiting for a serviceman who is late ties up your time, pins you to the house and create problems with your schedule. This can amount to a considerable cost in time, money and convenience.
  • Clear, upfront costs with no hidden fees. Because our team members are all at the leading edge of professionalism in their field, our estimates and evaluations are accurate and reflect the most you would have to pay.
  • Your house is clean. So are we. We clean up after ourselves so you can get right back to enjoying your home – in good order – after our technicians leave.
  • Cutting-edge professionalism. Team members are expertly trained to the highest standards and continue to learn the newest best-of-practice techniques and technology.
  • Friendly and communicative professionals who are courteous and can readily answer your questions in easy to understand terms – and are true professionals in the field.

Repairs guaranteed for a year, no questions asked.