Worried about a possible leak somewhere in your house or office? If you’re looking for professional and reliable leak detection services, our Napa team is here to support you. Whether you hear a dripping sound or see a water spot, if you have any suspicion that a leak may be present, it’s best to get a professional inspection.

That’s whereBenjamin Franklin Plumbing Napa can step in and help! As plumbing experts, our Napa team has years of expertise with leak detection and repair.

Here are a few indicators that you may in fact have a leak somewhere in your home:

  • You can see water spots
  • You can hear water dripping
  • You can hear the toilet constantly running
  • Your water bills are higher than normal
  • On your water meter, the flow indicator is constantly moving

If any of the above mentioned things are happening, it’s worth the investment to let a professional plumber take a detailed look to prevent further damage.

We’re DIAMOND Certified and Better Business Bureau Certified to Handle Water Leak Detection & Removal

If you’re unsure about which professional plumber to call, consider the fact that our leak detection Napa team of plumbers has earned two certifications: we’re DIAMOND certified and Better Business (BBB) certified.

“DIAMOND certified is dedicated to defining excellence and identifying the highest quality local companies for Northern California consumers.”

“BBB helps people find and recommend businesses, brands and charities they can trust.”

You can trust our Napa team of plumbing experts, as our results and customer service have been evaluated and certified by these customer-centric organizations.

A Few More Reasons to Hire Our Napa Team to Fix Your Home’s Leaks

In addition to being certified as a reputable and trustworthy service provider, Benjamin Franklin’s Napa team offers a few more reasons to rely on our leak detection services. From inspections to a/c leak detection, our plumbers are trained experts. In fact, we only hire one out of every 33 plumbers who interview with us!

And when it comes to leak detection cost,our team will always be up front. We’ll do a thorough inspection, let you know what the issue is, present the options to fix the leak and proceed once we have your approval.

If our plumbers arrive late to your home, after the agreed upon appointment time, you can count yourself $5 richer for every 5 minutes over time (up to $300).

Don’t wait another minute! If you think you have a leak in your home, call your Napa Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team at 707-343-8711 today to make an appointment.