Is it time for a water heater replacement? Do you frequently run out of hot water? Are you looking for water heater installation services? If so, Benjamin Franklin Water Heater San Jose can help!

Though you may love to do things on your own, trust our expertise when you need to service a water heater repair or water heater installation. For a job done right, hand these to the professionals! You’ll save money in the long run, we guarantee! At Benjamin Franklin San Jose, we’ll advise you on the most efficient options regarding tankless or conventional water heaters.

At Benjamin Franklin Water Heater Repair San Jose, we know the importance of a hot shower after a long day. We also know how important it is to have clean dishes and well-cleaned hands. If you’re experiencing a broken water heater, don’t let it disrupt your daily routine any longer! Rather, call Benjamin Franklin for complete water heater repairs and water heater installations or replacements.

Conventional Water Heaters

A conventional water heater, or a storage water heater, is the best-selling water heater option out there. At a slow pace, these water heaters use electricity or gas, storing the heater water for later use. Once the stored hot water is cool, the heater’s heating system rewarms the water to the target temperature. If the water supply is completely used, there will be a delay before more water is available. This type of water heater is good for economy and larger families because they have the ability to hold more hot water. This capacity reduces unlooked-for fluctuations in the water’s flow and temperature.

Tankless Water Heaters

Are you a property owner with a tankless water heater in San Jose? Though tankless water heaters have higher installation costs, they have a number of benefits. At Tankless Water Heater San Jose, our knowledgable professionals can assist you in making the decision about whether to choose a conventional or tankless water heater.

Some of the benefits of tankless water heaters include:

  • Saved energy,
  • Saved space,
  • Saved money,
  • Provide unlimited, instant hot water,
  • Can be mounted anywhere,
  • Have no tank,
  • Have no leaks, corrosion damage, or worries,
  • Last longer than conventional water heaters,
  • Require less maintenance,
  • And only use energy when hot water is needed.

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Why Choose Benjamin Franklin?

If we’re not on time for your scheduled appointment, we’ll pay you for every minute we’re late (up to a $300 value). Our licensed and experienced plumbers are knowledgeable of water heater repairs and installations. All of our services are backed with a 100% guarantee.

If you’re in need of water heater repair or installation, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Jose or request an appointment. We’re here to service you!