How to Stop Water Leaks in Basement

how to stop water leaks in basement

Having a basement in your home is great for many reasons – extra space to live, a dedicated room to hang out and relax or simply a place to store your extra stuff!

But here’s one thing all basement owners try to avoid experiencing: leaks and flooding!

In addition to being quite the hassle, basement leaks and flooding can be extremely costly to repair. Despite how much of a hassle basement leaks can be, they don’t have to be a worst case scenario – and they don’t mean your house is crumbling.

What Causes a Basement to Flood?

Regardless of what type of foundation your house is built on, leaks do happen. They vary in severity, but here’s the most common cause: water puts pressure on the soil that’s surrounding the foundation. Moisture and leaks can also develop when rain is being directed toward your home, instead of away from your home via gutters and downspouts.

How to Stop a Basement Wall from Leaking

Here are a few things you can do to fix basement leaks in your home:

1. Add gutter extensions.

how to stop water leaks in basement

If you notice that your downspouts are positioned less than 5 feet away from your house, adding metal gutter extensions will guide the water further out. They’re simple to install and very effective.

2. Make sure shrubs are at least 12 inches away from the foundation of your house.

If a plant’s roots become rotted and are sitting too close to your home, this can create a path for surface water to flow right into your home’s foundation. Make sure shrubbery is a healthy distance from the perimeter of your home.

3. Plug gaps

If you see that water is entering your basement through gaps around your plumbing pipes, it will only cost you about $20 to plug the gaps using hydraulic cement or polyurethane caulk.

How to Stop Basement Flooding Using a Sump Pump

how to stop water leaks in basement

If you’re fixing a leaky basement from inside, you can use a sump pump to remove any flood water. There are all sorts of sump pumps available for purchase – some can pump 30 gallons per minute and are designed to extract standing water from any enclosed environment.

If you need professional guidance when tackling any type of basement leak or flooding, our team of plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help.

We can help you install your sump pump properly so it’s effective in draining water or helping to prevent future leaks. As the water table rises and falls throughout the year, the sump pump is able to collect excess water and move it away from your home’s foundation.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s team is always available to answer questions, fix leaks or help you prepare your home to prevent leaks. All you have to do is call and we’ll do the rest!

Invest in your home and ensure your basement is well taken care of when it comes to leaks and flooding. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or you’d rather get professional assistance, we’re just a phone call away!