If you live in Fairfield, chances are you’ve got indoor plumbing! And if you have indoor plumbing, at some point, you will probably need help from a professional plumbing company to keep things on track. That’s where your reliable plumbers at Benjamin Franklin plumbing Fairfield are always available to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With decades of hands-on expertise, as well as the most advanced professional plumbing equipment, our plumbers tackle small and large plumbing issues with great attention to detail. And more importantly, we deliver results, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back it up.

  • Not sure what to do about a leaking pipe? Benjamin Franklin leak detection Fairfield will conduct a detailed inspection to diagnose the issue, solve the problem and ensure your pipes are leak-free and secure.
  • Is your toilet, shower, or sink acting up? Our trained professional plumbers on the Benjamin Franklin bathroom plumbing Fairfield team are equipped to handle and fix all kinds of issues, from clogged toilets to broken showers to leaky faucets and more.
  • Does your home have a drainage or sewer system that may not be in the best shape? Call on Benjamin Franklin Sewer and Drain cleaning Fairfield to clear any drain blockages, unclog toilets or flush out cleanout plugs to ensure both function as efficiently as possible.
  • Feel like giving your home’s bathroom a more updated look, with more modern, energy-efficient appliances? Benjamin Franklin Bathroom remodeling Fairfield will not only install new showers, sinks and toilets; we’ll also help you design and select various models and styles to guide you through the entire process, start to finish.
  • Need assistance with a burst pipe, overflowing toilet or any other plumbing related emergency? Benjamin Franklin emergency plumbing Fairfield is available around the clock to take control of and fix any sort of plumbing issues – whether it’s 2 am or 2 pm!
  • Tired of waiting for hot water, or wondering if your current water heater is on its last legs? Benjamin Franklin Water Heater installation and repair Fairfield will not only inspect your current water heater and fix any related issues; we can also fill you in on the pros and cons of various types of conventional and tankless water heaters if you’re interested in learning more.
  • Want fresh water to drink, but don’t feel like spending money on bottled water? Explore the health benefits of hiring Benjamin Franklin Water filtration installation Fairfield to install whole house water purifiers or point of source water purifiers – and drink the cleanest water possible!

We Have a Solid, Dependable Reputation with Our Fairfield Customers

Regardless of the specific plumbing service we perform, our customers know that we pride ourselves on having an outstanding reputation. In fact, we’re DIAMOND and Better Business Bureau (BBB) Certified as a high quality service provider.

And when it comes to availability, we’re the best of the best. We know you can’t predict many residential plumbing issues, so we’re on standby all day and all night, 7 days a week – all you have to do is call and we’ll send one of our professionals to your home right away.

A Few Reasons You Should Hire Us Over the Competition

If you hire us, any of our Fairfield plumbers will be among the best around. Only 1 out of every 33 plumbers who apply is actually hired, as we’re extremely selective when building our plumbing team. We’ll never hide any costs, either. Our Fairfield team is honest and straightforward when it comes to sharing pricing with you, before we begin any work.

Give us a call today to learn more!