Slab leaks are a complicated issue. They may be the most complicated plumbing issue there is. Slab leaks are difficult to locate and cause damage to your property’s structure. Thus, they are consider an emergency plumbing service here at Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak Detection Santa Rosa. No matter the time of day, we offer slab leak detection services in Santa Rosa.

How Does A Slab Leak Occur?

A slab leak is a leak that is found in your slab on grade foundation. Slab leaks often occur beneath your property’s floors and build pressure. This is the reason why slab leak detection and repair is so difficult. Slab leaks are both hard to find and get to. However, Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak Detection Santa Rosa professionals can help! Our experienced plumbers are equipped with the most advanced technology that makes it easy for us to tackle complex slab leak repairs. Our personnel have the expertise and education needed to detect, assess, and repair any slab leaks disturbing your property.

How Do You Detect a Slab Leak?

Our slab leak detection services in Santa Rosa are the best around. Our proficient plumbers are equipped with advanced electronic devices that detect slab leaks with ease. Yet, you may be able to find a slab leak in your property before contacting us!

  • Find the pipe layout under the slab. Listen to the piping and notice changes in the pipes’ sounds.
  • Search for warm or cold spots on your floors. The temperature of the floor affected will be determined by the location of the slab leak, and whether the slab leak is located on a hot or cold water pipe. Feel around carefully for spots that may be colder or hotter than the surrounding affected area.
  • Turn off your property’s main water source.
  • Jackhammer (if able and experienced) the slab at its point of leaking. Get as close in proximity as possible. If you are not able and experienced using a jackhammer, call Slab Leak Detection Sonoma for immediate, emergency service.

How Do We Repair a Slab Leak?

After we find the slab leak’s exact location, our plumbers will repair the leak. Depending on the situation, we may use different technologies and tests such as

  • Moisture probing
  • Fibre optic borescopes
  • Pressure testing
  • And audio and video inspections.

None of these methods will damage your property’s floors or walls. You can trust us. After repairing the leak, we’ll reroute the piping beneath the property’s foundation and install overhead pipes. Rerouting the pipes will distribute water from the source to its destination with the best water flow.

We are proud to be BBB and Diamond Certified

Benjamin Franklin Santa Rosa is a BBB accredited business since 2003. This simply means the Better Business Bureau determined that our team meets all the BBB accreditation standards, including a commitment to solve any customer need. Moreover, Benjamin Franklin Santa Rosa has received a Diamond Certification consecutively since 2009. Our Diamond Certification highlights our exceptional service, a 92% customer loyalty rating, and a number of positive customer satisfaction reviews.

Why Hire Benjamin Franklin?

With every service offered by our professionals at Benjamin Franklin Santa Rosa, you can rely on us. Our services always include promptness, cleanliness, skilled plumbers, guaranteed repairs, and no-hassle, straightforward prices. In fact, Benjamin Franklin Santa Rosa is praised for customer satisfaction, dependability, and top quality services.

Slab leak repairs can be expensive and difficult. But, when you choose to work with Benjamin Franklin Santa Rosa we offer affordable prices, making it an easy choice for you! Contact us at 707-545-2579 or request an appointment today to learn more about our slab leak detection services. You won’t regret it!

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