Pure Water, Better Living

Simply put, pure water equals better living. Though we’re fortunate to have access to water each day, when our water is polluted, it poses a serious threat to our health. Before reaching our kitchen sinks and bathrooms, the water that flows through our piping systems comes from an array of different water sources including rivers, lakes, and other surface water sources. That water is then treated to remove chemicals, particulates, and any other bacterias that might be floating around. Water that is safe to drink, or potable water, is necessary for all our daily routines: cooking, cleaning, drinking, eating, bathing, watering the lawn, and more.

If you’re spending your money on bottled water or water coolers because you fear your tap water isn’t the safest or tastiest drink, you should consider water filtration installation.  Purified water, yes, has less chlorine and other hard minerals and harmful contaminants than what comes out of your faucet.  However, with a water purification system, you can experience clean, filtered water at home and save a lot of money in the process.  Benjamin Franklin San Francisco is here to help with your water filtration system needs.

Water Purification Systems

There are several water purification systems that Water Purification San Francisco can suggest for your home.  These systems include:

  • Whole House Water Purifiers – Purify every tap in your home.
  • Home Water Purification – Reduces stains on clothes, sinks, and fixtures, and reduces corrosion in pipes and appliances.
  • Points of Source Home Water Purifiers – Installed directly onto faucets or shower heads for specific use in those areas.

Why Hire Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for Your Water Filtration Needs in San Francisco?

Since 2009, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco has received Diamond Certification for our 92% customer loyalty rating and our exceptional customer satisfaction reviews. In addition, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco has been a BBB Accreditation Business since 2003. BBB accreditation means that BBB has determined that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco meets all of the BBB accreditation standards, including a continual commitment to resolve all our customers’ needs. We’re so certain of our excellent service that if we’re not on time for your scheduled appointment, we’ll pay you $5 for every minute we’re late (up to a $300 value).

Having clean water is vital to your well-being. Give our Water Filtration San Francisco services a chance! We guarantee your satisfaction from start to finish. The Benjamin Franklin plumbers of San Francisco are one and the same with courteousness, promptness, and thorough service. Let us be your number one local choice for water purification and filtration, or water filtration repair.

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