Curious about the benefits of installing a water filtration system for homes?  Here are a few to seriously consider.

  • Less bacteria lurking in your tap water
  • Fewer stains on clothes, dishes and other fixtures in your home that come into contact with water every day
  • Say goodbye to chlorine and hard water – and hello to softer hair and skin

How do those benefits sound to you? If you’re at all interested in experiencing the perks of cleaner water in your home, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Sonoma has decades of expertise installing professional water filtration systems that promote a healthier daily life.

We can offer you a few different types of professional grade water filtration systems:

  • Points of Source Home Water Purifiers – the team that handles water purification in Sonoma will install these purifiers directly onto specific shower heads or faucets, per your request
  • Whole House Water Purifiers – we’ll install the purifier on every single tap in your home, for complete coverage

Regardless of the type of water filtration in Sonoma you’re looking for, our Sonoma team of plumbers knows exactly how to install it properly to help you experience the maximum benefits.

Our Water Filtration and Purification Skills & Customer Service is Certified

And this isn’t something we just promise to customers and hope to fulfill. Our ability to deliver, along with our customer service, is actually DIAMOND certified and Better Business Bureau (BBB) certified. Companies who specialize in water purification in Sonoma should earn these well-respected certifications to validate the quality of their services, especially when it has to do with the health and well-being of customers.

We Stick to Our Promise – “If There’s a Delay, It’s You We Pay!”

In addition to earning these highly-regarded third-party certifications, our Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team that handles water filtration in Sonoma brings a few beneficial guarantees to the table when work with customers like you.

  • We’ll always be on time. If we’re late, you’ll have $5 in your pocket for every minute past the appointment time (up to $300). We promise!
  • We’ll always show you respect. We value our customers and employ expert plumbers who are friendly, professional and respectful at all times, without exception.
  • Our services are guaranteed for 1 year. If anything starts to act up with your water filtration system within that time frame, give us a call so we can send a plumber back right away – for free.

Give our water filtration services a try today by scheduling an appointment or calling us at 707-343-8711!