We are Available for Slab Leak Emergencies

The most complex plumbing issue that residential customers experience are slab leaks. Luckily, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco can tackle even the most complicated slab leak repairs.  Slab leaks, too, can cause structural damage to your home or office and are therefore considered an emergency plumbing service. That means Benjamin Franklin San Francisco is here for your slab leak com-plications!

How Does a Slab Leak Occur?

Slab leaks are leaks that are found in your slab on grade foundations. Because these leaks occur beneath floors and build up the pressure, slab leak repair can be complicated.  Oftentimes the leaks are difficult to locate and equally difficult to reach.  However, Slab Leak Detection San Francisco plumbers have the experience and knowledge to quickly find and assess your property’s slab leaks.

How Do You Detect a Slab Leak?

The plumbers of Slab Leak Detection San Francisco have special electronic devices that help detect leaks. However, you can do a few things to detect where your slab leak is located before contacting Slab Leak Detection Services San Francisco.

  1. Search for cold or warm spots on the floor (the temperature will be determined by the slab leak location in either a hot water or cold water pipe). Feel carefully for spots that might be warmer or colder than the surrounding area.
  2. Find the pipe layout under the slab. Listen to the piping lines, and for changes in the pipes’ sounds.
  3. Turn the property’s main water source off.
  4. Jackhammer (if experienced) the slab at the point of leaking, or its closest proximity. If you have never used a jackhammer before, call Slab Leak Detection San Francisco for immediate service.

How Do You Repair a Slab Leak?

Once the location of the leak has been determined, Slab Leak Detection San Francisco plumbing specialists will repair the slab leak with our advanced technology and the required equipment. Depending on the complexity of the leak, we may use pressure testing, moisture probing, fibre optic borescopes, and audio and video inspections to aid plumbers with locating leaks. These techniques do not damage floors or walls. Afterwards, we will reroute the piping under the foundation and install overhead pipes in the sheet rock or attic. Rerouting will distribute water from the water source to the destination (showers, toilets, sinks, etc.).

Why Hire Benjamin Franklin San Francisco?

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco has been a BBB accredited business since 2003. This means that BBB has determined Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco personnel meet all of the BBB accreditation standards, including a commitment to solve all our customer needs. Moreover, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco received Diamond Certification in 2009, and has carried that certification for 5 years. This marks 5 years of exceptional service, positive customer satisfaction reviews, and a 92% customer loyalty rating!

At Benjamin Franklin San Francisco, we specialize in a variety of leak detection services to stop that leak fast. Our audio and video inspections of slab leaks will help us locate the leak or leaks without damaging your walls or floors. Our professional plumbers are experienced in operating advanced leak detection technology, and we’re prompt. If we’re not on time for your appointment, we’ll pay you $5 for every minute we’re late (up to a $300 value). Slab leak repairs can be costly, but at Benjamin Franklin we offer excellent prices.

Contact the slab leak specialists at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area today at 415-642-4164 or request an appointment.