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Having trouble deciding what types of faucets you want in your home? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Bay Area can help! We are the Bay Area’s #1 choice for faucets, and we can help you weigh all of your options.

Some of the different types:

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    Compression Faucets – These have the “hot” and “cold” taps for each temperature setting. They function by using a type of screw called a compression stem that has a washer at the end of it that presses on the valve seat.

  • Ball Faucets – The ball within the faucet controls the water flow when you open or close the passage. These faucets may leak a bit more than others.
  • Disc Faucets – The “disc” refers to the use of two ceramic discs that control temperature and water flow. These faucets are known for being incredibly reliable and low maintenance.
  • Cartridge Faucets – These use a stem cartridge and may have two taps like compression faucets. However, cartridge faucets require less energy than the compression ones and do not require tap tightening.

No matter your preference, let the punctual plumbers help with your faucet service needs. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle everything from a simple repair or replacement to a full-scale bathroom plumbing remodel.

Faucet Repair or Replacement

Don’t live with a leaky faucet—it can really cost you. A leaky faucet may seem like a relatively small issue, but can lead to high water bills. With the right faucets and the knowledge to perform easy maintenance, you don’t have to put up with a drip.

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