Having access to clean, fresh drinking water is one of the most important things in life. So how can you ensure the water you’re drinking on a daily basis is as high quality as possible? Take an important step – call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Vallejo to take advantage of our water softener services.

Here’s what you can expect when you hire one of our professional, expert plumbers:

  • We’ll improve the taste of your water, along with the color.
  • We’ll get rid of chlorine.
  • We’ll filter our any bacteria or contaminants.

To deliver these benefits, our water softener Vallejo team will install a water softener and water conditioner system. We’ll start by evaluating how much water you use on a daily basis, followed by a test to measure water hardness.We’ll then shut your water off and start draining your piping lines. Using pipe wrenches, we’ll connect new water lines and install a remote bypass. After a few more detailed steps, we’ll finish by installing the brine line.We also specialize in water softener repair in Vallejo if anything should go wrong with your system.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Vallejo is DIAMOND CERTIFIED and BBB Certified

As a well-known water softener Vallejo company, we’re proud to display our DIAMOND certification and Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation. Not every professional plumbing company out there possesses these two credentials, so be sure you consider this when choosing who to trust!

To earn each of these accolades, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s customers are surveyed and asked to give their honest feedback about the level of satisfaction we offer. It’s clear from these results that our customers are extremely happy with the results of our water softening services.

Why Choose Us for Water Softener Installation in Vallejo?

In addition to earning these well-respected credentials that vouch for our ability to deliver results, why else should you choose our Vallejo team over other plumbing companies? Here are a few more key differentiators to consider:

  • We vow to be on time; and if we’re not, you’ll be $5 richer for every minute past the appointment time (up to $300).
  • For every 33 plumbers who interviews with us, we only hire 1. Our team’s level of expertise is second to none!
  • Every time we work in your home, we’ll be sure to wear shoe coverings and clean up after ourselves when we leave. If we don’t, our service is free.

Get one step closer to drinking fresher, cleaner water on a daily basis. Call our Vallejo team to make an appointment today!