Curious about the benefits of investing in professional water filtration systems within your home? For fresh, reliable drinking water, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s water filtration and purification services are worth investigating!

The water that comes out of your tap, usually coming from lakes, rivers or other sources, goes through a treatment process that is designed to remove bacteria before it reaches your sink or your shower. But if you’d like even more assurance that the water you’re drinking and using on a daily basis is of the highest quality, water purification in Fairfield doesn’t need to be a luxury.

In fact, it’s pretty simple to have access to the cleanest drinking water possible, thanks to a few different kinds of water filtration options, depending on your needs and your budget:

  • A point of source water purifier simply attaches to your faucet or showerhead in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • A whole house water purifier treats all the water that comes into your home, at every source.

Our Fairfield plumbers are happy to explain the differences between each option so you can invest in the system that’s right for you.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fairfield is Diamond Certified and Better Business Bureau Certified

So how do you know if Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s services are right for you, in comparison to other service providers in the area? Our reputation for water filtration in Fairfield is certified by two reputable organizations. We’re proud to be Better Business Bureau (BBB) – and we’re Diamond Certified, too.

This means you can rely on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for water purification in Fairfield that not only delivers results, but does so while treating you respectfully, with integrity. Both organizations conduct in depth research before granting any service provider a certification to ensure their stamp of approval is well deserved.


For Water Filtration in Fairfield, Trust Your Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Team

And as a customer, you deserve to have access to the best water filtration and purification service you can find, especially since this service directly affects your daily health. You can rely on our experienced team of plumbers – as well as our satisfaction guarantees.


Whenever we’re installing water filtration systems for homes, we promise to deliver the following:

  • Straightforward pricing, with no hidden charges
  • Service that’s on time – we’ll pay you $5 for every minute we’re late (up to $300)
  • The most experienced plumbing team you can find


Drink the freshest, cleanest water you can find. Call to make an appointment today!