Are you looking for a plumber in Vallejo who will not only fix any plumbing issues you may encounter, but also ease your mind that the job is done properly? If so, call on Benjamin Franklin’s plumbing services Vallejo.  As a full-service company, we tackle small, large and emergency jobs on a daily basis. From bathroom plumbing, to fixing leaks, to cleaning drains and sewers, to water filtration and more, it’s no lie to say we can offer you the services of the best plumber in Vallejo.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Vallejo doesn’t just focus on a few appliances. We have years of experience fixing and installing faucets, garbage disposals and tankless and solar water heaters. Our well-rounded service ensures that customers like you are satisfied with our proper and thorough evaluation and diagnosis to get the most value and best results for your money.

Benjamin Franklin’s Plumbing Services Vallejo are DIAMOND Certified

And we have proof that customers are in fact satisfied, thanks to our DIAMOND certification since 2009 and Better Business Bureau (BBB) certification since 2003. Our DIAMOND certification is based on 225 customer surveys that have evaluated our Vallejo valley plumber services that confirm our attention to detail, our commitment to ongoing training and our punctual, reliable services.

On top of that DIAMOND certification, our BBB certification validates that each and every team member always goes above and beyond to resolve any customer issues. If you’re not happy with something, it’s simple – we’ll fix it! We’re not satisfied until you are.  Not every plumber in Vallejo has these prestigious certifications to vouch for their customer satisfaction. That’s something very important to consider when choosing which plumber Vallejo to trust!

When Searching for “Plumber Vallejo” – Why Choose Benjamin Franklin?

Here are a few more reasons to trust our Vallejo team:

  • We’ll always be on time. And if for any reason we happen to be late – we’ll pay you $5 for every minute we’re late – up to $300.
  • Always expect a written estimate with an exact price before we begin any work. You have to give us the green light.
  • If any of our Vallejo plumbers leave a mess behind or fail to wear shoe coverings when they work in your home, you won’t pay a cent for our services.

The next time a pipe bursts, your toilet clogs, you need a new faucet installed, your drain is clogged, or anything else related to plumbing in your home of office, give our Vallejo team a call at 707-509-0525 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!