Clean Water & Good Health for Your Family

We are fortunate to have access to clean water, one of our most vital resources.  However, when our water is polluted, it poses a threat to our health and wellbeing.  The water that flows through our piping systems comes from different sources including lakes, rivers, and other surface water sources.  Before reaching our homes and offices, that water is treated to remove particulates, chemicals, and other bacterias.  Potable water, or water that is safe to drink, is necessary for us to cook, clean, drink, eat, bath, and more.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco, we specialize in water conditioners and water softener system installations. There are many benefits to having water conditioners and softeners in your home. Water Softener San Francisco can help

  • Plumbing Function More Efficiently
  • Filter Out Contaminants
  • Remove Chlorine
  • Improve the Taste & Color of Water
  • Give You Softer & Healthier Skin & Hair

How Does It Work?

Water conditioners use a variety of ways to eliminate hard minerals from your drinking water.  They can also remove hard water scale buildup.  Some of these methods include:

  • Carbon Filtration
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Magnets
  • Ceramic Media

During the water conditioners and water softener system installations, our trained personnel will follow a series of steps.

  1. First, we will help you determine the amount of water you use per day and test your water for hardness. That will help choose a system, and then we’ll choose its location.
  2. Using a curb key, we will shut off the water and drain your piping lines. Then we will shut off the valve and power to the water heater.
  3. Next, we’ll connect new water lines using pipe wrenches.
  4. We’ll install a remote bypass before applying flux and connecting the fittings. Then we’ll remove the barbed fitting, apply Teflon tape to the threads, and reattach the barb fitting and drain tube, continuing the drain line until reaching the drain.
  5. Finally, we’ll install the brine line, connect a drain tube, shut off the bypass, check for leaks, add salt, and finish the installation.

Why Choose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing?

We guarantee that our water conditioners and water softener system installations, repairs and services will bring you satisfaction. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco, we hire only the best of the best! Their hard work and dedication to the trade has earned us our outstanding reputation.

In fact, since 2003, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco is a BBB accredited business. This means that BBB has determined Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco meets all of the BBB accreditation standards, including an unending commitment to solve our customer needs. Furthermore, we received our Diamond Certification in 2009, going on 5 years of exceptional service, positive customer reviews, and 92% customer loyalty ratings.

The turnaround time for installing water softeners is very quick, so start enjoying the benefits immediately! Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing San Francisco at 415-642-4164 or request an appointment today!