Slab leaks are the most complicated plumbing issue that a property owner can experience. This type of leak can immediately cause damage to your property’s structure, and are therefore considered an emergency plumbing service at Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak Detection Novato. So don’t fret! If you are experiencing a complex slab leak, contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our fully equipped plumbers are able to handle the most difficult slab leak repairs.

How Does A Slab Leak Occur?

Slab leaks are leaks that are found in your slab on grade foundations. This type of leak most often occurs beneath your floors and builds pressure. The advanced pressure makes slab leak repair and detection more complicated. They are equally hard to locate and to reach. However, Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak Detection Services Novato professionals have the experience needed to detect, assess, and repair your property’s slab leaks.

How Do You Detect a Slab Leak?

Our well-qualified plumbers of Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak Detection Services Novato work with advanced technologies that are designed specially to detect slab leaks. You, however, can also detect where a slab leak may be located before contacting us by following these steps:

  • Find the pipe layout under the slab. Listen to the piping and notice changes in the pipes’ sounds.
  • Search for warm or cold spots on your floors. Feel around carefully for spots that may be colder or hotter than the surrounding affected area. The temperature of the floor affected will be determined by the location of the slab leak, and whether the slab leak is located on a hot or cold water pipe.
  • Turn off your property’s main water source.
  • Jackhammer (if experienced and able) the slab at its point of leaking. Get as close in proximity as possible. If you are not able and experienced using a jackhammer, do not attempt this step. Instead, contact Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak Detection Novato.

How Do We Repair a Slab Leak?

Once we find the location of the slab leak, our specialists will repair it with advanced technology. Depending on the severity of the leak, we may use different tests and technologies including:

  • Pressure testing,
  • Moisture probing,
  • Fibre optic borescopes,
  • And audio and video inspections.

These methods do not cause damage to your property’s floors or walls. After repairing the leak, we reroute the piping and install overhead pipes. Rerouting the pipes distributes water to its destination with the best water flow.

We’re BBB and Diamond Certified

Benjamin Franklin Novato was awarded BBB Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau in 2003 and has since upheld BBB standards. This award highlights our commitment to solve all of our customers’ needs, no matter the difficulty. In addition, Benjamin Franklin Novato received a Diamond Certification in 2009 and has consecutively carried it since. Our Diamond Certification praises our exceptional service, positive customer satisfaction reviews, and a 92% customer loyalty rating.

Why Hire Us?

Our team is one you can depend on. We are known for our customer satisfaction, reliability, and top quality services. With every service we offer, you can count on proficient plumbers, cleanliness, guaranteed repairs, and no-hassle, straightforward prices.

Slab leak repairs can be costly, but we offer affordable prices always. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Novato specialists or request an appointment today!