Are your pipes leaking water between the walls or beneath the floorboard? Is the piping system that’s routed through your home or office leaking dangerous chemicals into the water you use to bathe, drink, and cook with? Are your pipes corroded with galvanized steel and iron? Are your pipes causing restricted water flow? If you’re experiencing any of these problems, you need a plumber in Novato! Our plumbing services are guaranteed to solve the problem, no matter its size.

Our Novato plumbing services include:

Benjamin Franklin Novato plumbing services are able to repair and install anything plumbing. From shower installations to double sink repairs, complicated slab leaks and maintenance of your piping system, our plumbers can do it all!

Among many other services, our plumbers of Marin county are able to

  • unclog and repair your drains, disposals, sinks, toilets, and other household plumbing appliances,
  • maintain solar and tankless water heaters,
  • repipe water delivery lines,
  • and thoroughly clean out sewers.

During the plumbing process, our Novato plumbing professionals will come to your home or office, locate the plumbing issue, and find the best possible solution. Our only goal is to get your life and property up and running again.

Benjamin Franklin is Diamond and BBB certified

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Novato has been Diamond Certified since 2009. With exceptional customer satisfaction reviews and a 92% customer loyalty rating, we like to highlight our punctuality and a job done right the first time. In addition, since 2003, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Novato is a BBB Accreditation Business. This means that BBB decided we meet the BBB accreditation standards, including earnestness to solve all of our customer’s needs.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in our services, and in promptness. Therefore, our motto remains: “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay!” If we’re not on time for your scheduled appointment, we pay you $5 for every minute we’re late (up to a $300). Benjamin Franklin Novato plumbers are known for dependability, customer satisfaction, and top quality service. We hold high standards that our plumbers are due to meet, without excuse. With each service we offer at Benjamin Franklin Novato, you can count on skilled plumbers, straightforward prices, prompt services, and guaranteed repairs.

Don’t risk the usefulness of your setup by waiting; plumbing problems only get worse over time. From start to finish, we guarantee your complete satisfaction. Benjamin Franklin Novato is synonymous with courteous, prompt, and thorough service.

Let us be your number one local choice for plumbing. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Novato or request an appointment today.