With San Francisco and Half Moon Bay just a short drive away, who wants to spend the day working on untimely plumbing complications? Redwood City residents, go out and enjoy the lakes, hills, and mild Mediterranean weather! At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Redwood City, our team offers plumbing services across-the-board. Say goodbye to days inside attempting to learn the pipes. Our plumbing professionals are equipped with years of experience and guaranteed services.

  • Is your piping system corroded or leaking? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Redwood City can locate the problem, find the most efficient solutions, and take an approach that will best fix the repair.
  • Do you hear a constant drip-drip? Then you need Benjamin Franklin Leak Detection Redwood City! Our trained technicians will determine the leak’s precise location with our advanced technology, and repair it without damaging your property.
  • Is your toilet or shower perpetually clogging? Benjamin Franklin Bathroom Plumbing Redwood City is here to help. Our team will unclog and repair drains, disposals, sinks, toilets, and other household plumbing appliances.
Is your water flow inconsistent? Most often, a clogged drain or clogged toilet is a symptom of a bigger issue. We’ll find out what that issue is and resolve it promptly. Your system will run smooth again with the help of Benjamin Franklin Sewer and Drain Cleaning Redwood City!
  • Is your bathroom in need of a makeover? No matter the bathroom complication, Benjamin Franklin Bathroom Remodeling Redwood City can serve you. We have the ability to install any bathroom appliance.
  • Are your pipes frozen, or your fixtures leaking? The dedicated team at Benjamin Franklin Emergency Plumbing Redwood City is available to you 7 days a week. We will service any and all of your emergency plumbing needs.
Do you run out of hot water in the middle of a relaxing shower? At Benjamin Franklin Water Heater Installation Redwood City, our services include water heater installation, replacements, and repairs on both conventional and tankless water heaters.
  • Is the water from your faucet cloudy and white? Stop spending money on store-bought water and call Benjamin Franklin Water Filtration Installation Redwood City instead! Our water filtration systems will allow you to experience cleaner water and lower grocery bills.
How do you locate a leak when its out of sight? Leave the job to Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak Detection Redwood City! Our team will locate the slab leak for you with advanced engineering technologies and return it to its original functionality.
  • Are you in need of repiping services? At Benjamin Franklin Repiping Redwood City, our services are the best around. We repipe partial and entire plumbing systems to improve efficiency and quality of water flow.


Our Reputation

The Benjamin Franklin Redwood City team is known for

  • Customer satisfaction – We hold high standards that our plumbers are expected to meet. No excuses.
  • Dependability – We’re available 7 days a week, no matter the plumbing issue.
  • The best service – Contact us for a plumbing job done right!

Why Hire a Benjamin Franklin Plumber?

Benjamin Franklin Redwood City is a name you can count on. With each service, you’re guaranteed to receive:

  • Skilled plumbers – Only 1 of every 33 applicants is qualified to become a Benjamin Franklin plumber. Our standards are high, but we have the best-trained staff around.
  • A clean team – Our plumbers always clean up the messes they make.
  • Promptness – Our motto is, “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay!”
  • Repairs – If any repair or service we do for you fails within the first 2 years of the procedure, we make the second repair free!
  • Straightforward prices – Our services have no hidden fees. Ever. The price we set will be approved by you before we begin.

Contact us at 650-235-1434 or request an appointment today!