With the San Pablo Bay to the east, and the Point Reyes Seashore to the west, who has the desire to do their own home or office plumbing? Novato residents, put your wrenches down and go out and enjoy the fresh waters! We have plumbing services across-the-board so you won’t have to spend the day learning the pipes. The Benjamin Franklin Novato team is equipped with years of training, experience, and guaranteed services.

  • Are you pipes leaking or corroded? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Novato will locate the problem, find an efficient solution, and take the best approach to fixing the repair.
  • Do you hear a leak dripping in the night? Then you need Benjamin Franklin Leak Detection Novato! Our technicians will locate the leak’s exact location using advanced technology and without damaging your property.
  • Is your shower or toilet backed up with gunk? Get it out with Benjamin Franklin Bathroom Plumbing Novato. We’re able to unclog and repair drains, disposals, sinks, toilets, and other household plumbing appliances.
Is something preventing smooth water flow? Typically a clogged drain is a symptom of a larger issue. Get your system running right with Benjamin Franklin Sewer and Drain Cleaning Novato!
Does your bathroom need an upgrade? No matter the bathroom complication, Benjamin Franklin Bathroom Remodeling Novato can service you. In addition, we have the ability to install any bathroom appliance.
  • Do you have frozen pipes or leaking fixtures? The dedicated Benjamin Franklin Emergency Plumbing Novato team is available 7 days a week for any and all of your emergency plumbing needs.
  • Did you run out of hot water again? Our services at Benjamin Franklin Water Heater Installation Novato include water heater installation, replacements and repairs on both conventional and tankless water heaters.
  • Is the water you’re drinking cloudy and white? Stop spending money on store-bought water! Benjamin Franklin Water Filtration Installation Novato will help you experience cleaner water and lower grocery bills.
  • Are you in a need of a water conditioner system? Benjamin Franklin Water Conditioner installation Novato team is here to take care of installing properly the system.
  • When you can’t see a leak, how do you find it? Benjamin Franklin Slab Leak Detection Novato will locate it for you with our state of the art engineering and fix it to its original functionality.
  • Does your home or office need to be repiped? At Benjamin Franklin Repiping Novato, our services are second to none. We can repipe your entire plumbing system to improve efficiency and the quality of water flow through your pipes. 


Our Reputation

The Benjamin Franklin Novato team is known for

  • Dependability – We’re available 7 days a week, no matter the plumbing issue.
  • Customer satisfaction – We hold high standards that our plumbers are expected to meet. No excuses.
  • The best service – Contact us for a plumbing job done right!

Why Hire a Benjamin Franklin Plumber?

Benjamin Franklin Novato is a name you can rely on. With each service we offer, you’re guaranteed to receive:

  • Straightforward prices – The price we set at the start will be approved before we begin. Our services have no hidden fees. Ever.
  • Skilled plumbers – Only 1 of every 33 applicants is qualified to become a Benjamin Franklin plumber. Our standards are high, but we have the best-trained staff around.
  • Promptness – Our motto is, “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay!”
  • Repairs– If any repair or service we do for you fails within the first 2 years of the procedure, we make the second repair free!
  • A clean team – Our plumbers always clean up the messes they make.