Have you ever lay your head down to sleep and all you can hear is drip….drip….drip? Or maybe you can actually see a growing water spot on your ceiling that certainly wasn’t there before. If you’re in either of these situations in your home or office, it’s a good time to invest in professional leak detection and repair – and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s Vallejo team is a great place to start.

Whether you’re interested in a/c leak detection or water leak detection, our experienced team has the knowledge, experience and equipment to find the leak and fix it, quickly and efficiently. We actually have specialized listening tools that allow our plumbers to identify the exact location of the leak without any issues. The next step is to document the total cost so you know exactly what you’ll be spending before we start. Once you give us the go ahead to begin work, we’ll be sure to deliver results that will leave you completely satisfied with your investment.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Vallejo Has Well-Respected Certifications

Many residential customers have expressed their satisfaction with our leak detection Vallejo services. So much so that our team has earned not one, but two professional certifications. We’re very proud to be DIAMOND certified and Better Business Bureau (BBB) certified. In order to earn these credentials, actual customers we have helped have to report the highest level of satisfaction.

So what does this mean for you when you’re looking for a professional company to fix the leaks in your home? Simply put, it means two well-respected organizations vouch for our services. You can feel confident that the money you spend on these services will return results – no more leaks!

Our Leak Detection Services Are Backed by These Unique Guarantees

No more leaks sounds great, but how can you feel sure you’ll experience the same results as other satisfied customers? Just take a look at the guarantees our leak detection Vallejo team stands behind.

We’ll always be on time (or we’ll pay you $5 for every minute we’re late) and the plumber who comes to your home will have years of experience finding and fixing leaks. We’ll never hide fees and we’ll always leave your home just as clean as we found it. And if the leak repair fails within a year of the service date, we’ll fix it again at no cost to you.

Give our Vallejo team a call today at 707-509-0525 to get rid of any water leak in your home, right away!

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