The Sophistication of Leak Detection

There’s nothing more insidious as a slow leak that silently does a great deal of damage to your home. But there are sophisticated new methods in leak detection that can help stem the tide and minimize any potential problems. At Ben Franklin Plumbing Bay Area, we put advanced technology to work in an effort to save you money while saving your home from serious problems. These methods are a huge improvement over the old “seek and destroy” methods of finding leaks that led to a great deal of damage and expense. Let’s explore in details the sophistication of leak detection

How it Works

There are several tools that professionals use when they provide leak detection services, whether the problem is within your walls or under  your home’s foundation. Here are some of the most effective.

  • Sewer Camera – This high-resolution camera is attached to a flexible cable that can easily navigate through your pipes. The camera sends an image to a monitor which is viewed by a plumber. By seeing exactly where a leak is occurring within a pipe, the plumber will be able to determine exactly what needs to be done to fix the problem. This saves a lot of time, and saves customers a lot of money in the process.
  • Pressure Testing – Pipes are pressurized with nitrogen, which makes a high-pitched sound when traveling through pipes. A technician wearing a set of sensitive headphones listens for the highest decibel sound. When he hears it, he’s spotted the location of the leak.
  • Moisture Probing – Typically, your San Jose plumber will drill two small holes and insert probes from a moisture meter into an area where a leak is suspected. The meter will read the moisture level and compare to normal levels. If the reading is excessively high, then that is an obvious sign of a leak that needs to be fixed.

Signs You Have a Leak

If your water bills are higher than normal and you don’t understand why, then you may need to call Ben Franklin Plumbing Bay Area for leak detection services. Likewise, you should call us if you hear running water inside your walls at night when nothing is turned on, or you see any evidence that your home has sustained water damage. Contact us as soon as you can if you see any signs of a problem. If you’ve ever experienced a serious problem with a leak, share your story with us by clicking on one of the social media icons below.