Unmasking the Clog Criminals

Drain CleaningClogged drains are never a welcome addition to the home. The mess, odor, and time spent trying to clean up the problem are frustrating and annoying. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a drain clog, our plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area explain the common causes of clogs and what you can do to prevent these problems.


In bathroom drains, hair is a common cause of clogs. To help prevent hair clogs, brush hair before showering and insert a strainer into the shower drain. Clean out the strainer after each shower so the hair doesn’t go down the drain.

Soap Scum

Soap scum can be a problem in any drain. Many times, soap scum buildup results from using too much soap. Fit a rubber band around the bottom of the pump mechanism to stop how much soap is pushed out of the bottle with each use.


Grease is a common culprit of clogged kitchen drains. Avoid draining meat right into the sink. Instead, dedicate a glass jar or a steel can for this purpose. Once solidified, the grease can be scraped out and into the garbage can.


Certain types of food should never go down the drain. This includes starchy foods because they expand when wet. Fibrous or stringy foods and greasy foods can also cause drain clogs.

Mystery Objects

If there are kids in the house, then mystery objects can show up in the drain. These mystery items can include any small item such as small toys, paper towels, wads of toilet paper and anything else that a child might find interesting to send down the drain.

Sanitary Items

Sanitary items are another drain clogger. Feminine hygiene items, baby wipes, diapers, tissues, cotton balls, and similar items should never be flushed down a toilet or any other drain.

Our Bay Area plumbers have seen it all when it comes to clogged drains. We offer plumbing maintenance and plumbing repair to help clear those drains. Call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area today at 415-459-3266 to get your drains cleaned day or night. If you’re considering sewer line hydro jetting, we have some advice for you.

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