A Buying Guide to Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

Getting a water filtration system for your entire home is a great way to make sure that all of the water you use in your home is of the highest quality. As you’re shopping for the perfect filtration system, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has a few variables for you to keep your eyes peeled for in order to get the very best Concord water quality.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is how much water you have flowing through your home in your water heater, shower, sinks and the like. A majority of your home’s appliances will have the flow rate demand printed on them somewhere. In order to determine what flow rate you’ll need for your filtration system, think about how many water outlets you have in your home, how often those outlets are used at the same time and the number of people in your home. As long as your rate is between 15 and 40 GPM, you’ll be in good shape.

Filter Size

The better your filter the more water you have and the better water pressure your home will have. A majority of homes in the Bay Area will need a 4.5-inch by 20-inch filter, but you might need a larger one of you’re getting the filtration system for your business or for a larger home.

Port Size

You’ll be better off with a one-inch port system. Should the rest of your home have to use ¾-inch piping, the single inch filtration system will still be your best bet and will make sure that you have plenty of water in your residence.

Filter Life

The best filtration systems are able to last anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 gallons in an average sized home. If the water sediment in your area is particularly rough, your filter might not be able to last that long.

To get a better idea of which whole home filtration is best for you, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing at 415-821-4357 or 925-939-7077.