How Regular Maintenance Helps Your Plumbing Systems

It’s no secret that life is easier when your household plumbing works well. Throughout the day, whether it’s turning on the faucet to step into a hot shower or flipping a switch to run your garbage disposal after dinner, you need pipes that run freely and appliances that operate properly. Every homeowner needs a plumber at some point. In our experience, homeowners call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area for planned events, such as a kitchen renovation, or for emergency plumbing, such as a clogged sewer line. Whatever reason you call our Bay Area plumbers, you will see better results if you keep up with your plumbing maintenance.

Small steps that you take to keep your plumbing working make a big difference when you need to call a professional. Your first line of defense is your power of observation. Take note of slow moving drains because they may lead to fully clogged pipes. Use a drain cleaner to try to dislodge debris clinging to the sides of the pipes. Prevent hair from contributing to clogs by installing a filter or strainer over your drain. In the kitchen, occasionally pour hot water mixed with a little detergent straight down the drain to discourage grease from building up in the pipes. Call a professional for stubborn clogs.

Leaks will often develop behind walls where you cannot see them directly. Look and listen for signs of water in the form of wet spots or water stains on your walls or ceilings. Tighten connections that you can access easily with a pipe wrench. Wrap plumbers’ tape around fittings to reduce the instances of future leaks. Call in a professional plumber for persistent leaks or those that you cannot reach.

Keep your garbage disposal units running in top shape by exercising care with the items you place in them. Avoid throwing away fibrous foods that may cause a jam. Always run water into the drain whenever you add items to the disposer.

Plumbing maintenance is important, but eventually everyone needs a plumber. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Bay Area, we treat large or small problems professionally. Call us at 415-821-4357, 24 hours a day, to help you solve your plumbing problems.